Goblins, Ghosts, and Ghouls...Oh My!


Tomorrow is that one day...

You know...that day when people dress funny and act a bit stranger than usual.Perhaps,on this day, you look over to your neighbors yard and it's suddenly a cemetery populated by glowing spectres floating in the now whistling, cold wind.

Perhaps,your once shy poodle Nippy begins howling deeply at the rising moon and the mailman you had seen in town earlier...you spot him down the dimly lit alleyway behind your garage.Now a full blown hairy beast with fangs and mischievous bright white eyes, this postman gone postal is slobbering at the mouth,and beginning to scavenge through trash cans by the second.

And oh wait, what are those cackles and groans sounding in the distance beyond the flickering streetlamp down the road?...Those are either the now risen souls of the spirit world drifting about their annual night out on the town or, what some folks call "trick r' treaters". The latter of the two are craving candy and if not given,they just might trick you by throwing eggs at your door, or even worse...they could smash those slightly rotted pumpkins you spent the entire night before carving oh so delicately. As for the drifting souls of those now passed...just hope they're friendly and if not you can always dial your local ghostbuster.

Anyways, lets hope all goes well for you this Oct.31st. Remember to blow your jack o lanterns out before midnight, watch out for ultra suspicious characters, be respectful to the living and the dead, and last but not least...have fun!

Anyways,here's an old illustration I roughed up a bit in the spirit of All Hallow's Eve.I drew this particular one in a very "carvey" style, as I plan to transfer it to wood for chiseling and printing via the woodblock method.

From the man turned wolf himself...

Happy Halloween!