Ban Art Fair 2017

Here is artist Sophia Rapata and I during Ban Art Fair 2017 at 18th Street Brewery. I'm holding a new screenprint I produced for the event. Sophia is holding a screenprint of my "Mummy Youth" graphic and being groovy as usual. My first big event setup as an independent artist and I managed to sell a few screenprints by the end of the day. To the folks who purchased something...thanks! You made my day.  - Casey

Here is artist Sophia Rapata and I during Ban Art Fair 2017 at 18th Street Brewery. I'm holding a new screenprint I produced for the event. Sophia is holding a screenprint of my "Mummy Youth" graphic and being groovy as usual. My first big event setup as an independent artist and I managed to sell a few screenprints by the end of the day. To the folks who purchased something...thanks! You made my day.

- Casey

Witching Hour at White Ripple

Thanks to everyone who came out to Witching Hour at White Ripple. My exploration into the arts really began near the age of 15 when I started making decor for Halloween. To be apart of this event was a real capstone for all I have ever been doing creatively. The month of October is a beacon for creativity, folklore, self expression, and so much more.

If you did not make it to the opening....come to The Witching Hour Closing Reception November 1st, 7-10pm! Where?

White Ripple Gallery & Co.

6725 Kennedy Ave, Hammond, Indiana 46323

My pieces  Specimen of Farmer John  and  Grim Archive s on display alongside @erincramerart ‘s  Bog Girl .

My pieces Specimen of Farmer John and Grim Archives on display alongside @erincramerart ‘s Bog Girl.

The Haunted Hallway.

The Haunted Hallway.

The Witching Hour Krew : Curators Martin Navejas, Sophia Rapata, and me.

The Witching Hour Krew: Curators Martin Navejas, Sophia Rapata, and me.

 Witching Hour 2017  artists, vendors, and Jen!

 Witching Hour 2017 artists, vendors, and Jen!

See My Work Daily On INSTAGRAM!

If you are reading this, this may be my last blog posting here on my site. My Instagram page is essentially a visual documentation/journal of my work and a personal glance into my creative life.

If you have Instagram, you can follow me at If you don' can still visit the link and check out my photos! I try to post something new on a day to day basis. It is simply the best way to keep updated with my work and happenings. Please check out my page, follow me, and leave some feedback. It is always great to hear!

- Casey

Electric Forest Festival 2017 "Coloring Zine" Submission

For those attending Electric Forest Festival 2017 in Rothbury, Michigan: My illustration "Electric Lady" is featured in this year's "Electric Forest Coloring Zine". Zine copies can be purchased at the fest and proceeds benefit the Music In Schools program. Have fun, be safe, and check back on my blog this weekend for a full write up on my selected piece.

To learn more about Electric Forest Festival please visit

- Casey

Field Notes Midwest HQ Visit

On Saturday May 6th, 2017 I payed a first time visit to the Field Notes Midwest HQ in Chicago. The brand headquarters opened its doors for the day and invited all to come enjoy the new space. I have known the notebook brand for a few years now and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to familiarize myself with it even more.

Creator and lead designer Aaron Draplin was present: answering questions and fronting a small line of customers who waited to have their products signed. A full table of merchandise by DDC, "Draplin Design Co." was open for business so I made sure to snag a handful of stickers to add to my collection. An array of Field Notes were available for purchase at the small storefront as well. On display were both limited/special editions and the classic brown or black cover Field Note three packs. I personally snagged a black three pack, as I always keep one in my pocket for jotting down reminders and releasing miscellaneous mind contents. While admiring my recent purchase in the small shop area I was fortunate enough to meet co-founder Jim Coudal and share a few words too. I wasn't familiar with Coudal or his role in Field Notes prior to my visit so it was definitely a cool run in.

Founders Aaron Draplin and Jim Coudal have managed to make the notebook a thing to be collected and sought after. A Field Note book's simplicity and functionality brings the type of punch that leads me to think, "this is the type of product I could stick with forever." I have no doubt I am not alone in this proclamation either. The brand has built a following of loyal fans and customers, who through the "Field Notes Subscription Program", can exclusively receive specially released notebooks throughout the year. The small pocket-sized books come in a range of choices, but all stay true to the form and function of the originals that Draplin produced by hand. His initial intent for the books was to make a batch to give to his peers, as a sort of usable  business card with a two-fold purpose. However, once one of Draplin's original hand crafted Field Note books caught the eye of fellow designer Jim Coudal...the minds met and the rest is history.

Apart from Field Notes, Draplin is a full-time design wizard with an impressive list of clients and collaborations. His "thick lined" logos, vivid color choices, and overall aesthetic channels classic Americana advertising. Draplin's work is bold, clever, crisp, and it gets to the point. The work produced by Draplin begins in the very notebooks he makes and within them he crafts hundreds of renderings which then become precisely milled graphic icons. Draplin plays by his own rules, he has tons of fun doing it, and he now tours the country in a bright "DDC" orange van to tell his story. Apart from being one powerhouse of a designer, the man is a true character and strong personality too. If you're lucky, you may catch him rolling your way to hear some of his tall tales...

You can get the full lowdown on the man, the brand, and purchase DDC/Field Notes goods from the links below.

As an artist & designer myself, it felt good to be in the midst of someone and something I look up to greatly. I find it important to seek out inspiration and opportunities such as this one. It charges the creative batteries a bit, stimulates the artistic senses, and every now and then...results in a good photo for keepsake too. (Photo by Dave Matura)

- Casey




Blick Art's "Celeb Portrait Contest" Entry

My sketchbook portrait of Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd is up for voting via Blick Art Material's celebrity portrait contest. Vote today through April 9th and I could win some super helpful art supplies! View and vote for my entry here: 

Abel's 2015 "Beauty Behind The Madness" release was undeniably a summer jam and I made this image while jamming the day I heard it! Visit the link above, vote, and peek the other entries. If you vote, let me know so I can thank you! Much appreciated.



New Work!

I recently completed this 8''x 8'' canvas as a holiday gift for a family member who has a great interest in space. I am very happy with my efforts in trying to achieve a likeness to the moon and had a great deal of fun experimenting to create the "galactic aura" surrounding it. Now, on to the next one!


- Casey


New From The Comic Dept. - "On The Line"

Hey Folks,

Have you ever wondered what those little black birds are doing hanging out on the power and telephone lines up above our busy, buzzing streets? No? Yes? Well I did wonder a I wrote a short comic about it. Although they may speak in chirps and tweets, I think those birds talk nonsense just like the rest of us. I think they also manage to keep a little warmer up there huddled together and perhaps with a bit of a toasty buzz coming up through their feet clinging at the power lines beneath them. Anyways, here's a new comic for you...


- Casey

Goblins, Ghosts, and Ghouls...Oh My!


Tomorrow is that one day...

You know...that day when people dress funny and act a bit stranger than usual.Perhaps,on this day, you look over to your neighbors yard and it's suddenly a cemetery populated by glowing spectres floating in the now whistling, cold wind.

Perhaps,your once shy poodle Nippy begins howling deeply at the rising moon and the mailman you had seen in town spot him down the dimly lit alleyway behind your garage.Now a full blown hairy beast with fangs and mischievous bright white eyes, this postman gone postal is slobbering at the mouth,and beginning to scavenge through trash cans by the second.

And oh wait, what are those cackles and groans sounding in the distance beyond the flickering streetlamp down the road?...Those are either the now risen souls of the spirit world drifting about their annual night out on the town or, what some folks call "trick r' treaters". The latter of the two are craving candy and if not given,they just might trick you by throwing eggs at your door, or even worse...they could smash those slightly rotted pumpkins you spent the entire night before carving oh so delicately. As for the drifting souls of those now passed...just hope they're friendly and if not you can always dial your local ghostbuster.

Anyways, lets hope all goes well for you this Oct.31st. Remember to blow your jack o lanterns out before midnight, watch out for ultra suspicious characters, be respectful to the living and the dead, and last but not least...have fun!

Anyways,here's an old illustration I roughed up a bit in the spirit of All Hallow's Eve.I drew this particular one in a very "carvey" style, as I plan to transfer it to wood for chiseling and printing via the woodblock method.

From the man turned wolf himself...

Happy Halloween!

Stay Weird Co. Fall 2015

Last fall I had the pleasure of working with photographer Alex Maldonado and friends to put together a grip of photos for my brand Stay Weird Co. We were able to have a jolly good time roaming among the streets and alleyways of Chicago as well as my hometown of Highland, Indiana. Thanks to the photo guru himself, Alex of Team 5 Photos, and the willingness of a few friends to "let their freak flags fly" per say...we managed to grab some killer images.  The brand which I spawned in 2012 is undergoing changes currently and sights are set on a new website, catalog, and an overall overhaul for 2017. 


Models shown are: 

- Joe Deluca aka "Life Sux LOL":

- Patrica Felton

- Caressa Mrak

Photos by Alex Maldonado : 

All rights reserved.Team 5 Photography © 2016