Grim Duality Canvas Print


Grim Duality Canvas Print


12” x 12”
Screenprinted by hand on raw canvas.

* A jack o’ lantern and skull,
Yin and yang,
The living and the dead,
Darkness and light,

Just a few of the things this canvas print stands for.)

Sew it onto the back of your rugged, old denim jacket or tack it up on the wall…whatever your heart desires.
On Halloween or All Hallows Eve it is believed that the veil between the living and dead is opened. Jack o’ lanterns have been used throughout history to guide wandering spirits home and rid of evil ones. This graphic is all that wrapped up in one. An alternate representation of the chinese philosophy of yin and yang…applied to the holiday of Halloween: Good/evil. Life/death. Dark/light. A skull…and a jack o’ lantern.

So remember to keep your jack o’ lantern lit until midnight…or it won’t be doing its job. Don’t take this patch off either…EVER…I’m tellin’ ya.

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**** Complimentary 5” x 7” print included. ****
(Chosen at random so you are in for a surprise…)

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